Haltron 6922 tubes

Anybody knows the NOS Haltron E88CC tubes ?
I want to know about them.
Could you compare this tubes with Siemens, Valvo or Amperex?
I want to use them with my Sonic FRontiers Line 2 preamplifier.
I will apreciate all your opinions and suggest.
I am not familiar with the HAltron tube but I have the Line 2se. I've been tube rolling for 3 years with Sovtek 6922, 7308 and 6DJ8. IMHO the Yugo Ei 6DJ8 elite gold gave me the best results for the money. I have the MC402 amp driving a pair of Martin Logan Ascents. All I can say is that I am very satisfied with the results.

For what its worth don't be afraid to experiment with tubes (as long as they are equivalent replacements). You can use any brand of tubes (Amperex, Bugke boy, Siemens, Sovtek, etc..) as long as their part numbers (electrical characteristics) are the same. Try reading "Joe's tube Lore" from the internet and you will find some comparisons with the 6922 tube family.

And most of all "Trust your ears".

Replacing tubes on locations V1 and LV1 (pair of tubes closest to the rear of the preamp) will give the most change in sound quality. Make sure to unplug the ac power before attempting to replace any tubes.

How long have you had your Sonic Frontiers Line 2? What amp and speakers will you be using? How big is your room? What kind of music will you be mostly listening to?

Hope this helps....Good luck with your search .