halogen lighting?

I am starting to plan the interior of my listening room, I saw a post here a while ago that recommended against halogen lighting. I would like to get some low "atmosphere" lighting, with a dimmer swtich as well as the "spot" type halogens. Will these cause electrical interference to my sound system?

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I have the answer your looking for! We just finished remodling the den, which is where the audio & projection systems are located. My electrician promised me that the low voltage lighting (12 volt) he would put in wouldn't make any sound. Well, I went along with his suggestion, and he was right! He used a unit made by "Elco". I believe the modle number is EL1499R. The cost was just under $26 each at the electrical supply. Each unit has its own transformer, but I can't hear any sound comming from them, and neither can anyone else! The dimmer that we're using is made by Lutron, and is called the "Spacer System". Very cool dimmer; works off an IR remote, and can be programmed for 4 different lighting levels. Hope this helps! Ken
I've been into high-end audio since the mid 70's. My "current" system is pretty much a full blown Cello system, complete with a pair of Grandmasters. During this most recent remodeling job, we ran 5 dedicated 20 amp lines into the den, and used the Cryo-treated Hubbells for the outlets - a huge difference in bass response! As far as the projector goes, I installed a Sanyo PLV-70 into the ceiling, and project it on a Stewart Firehawk screen. The quality of the projected image is awsome, but my true obsession remains two channel audio...
I think I may have confused you: The dedicated lines with the Hubbells are for the audio & video systems ONLY. Do NOT run the lighting on the same circuts you are running for the audio system - keep them separated, and preferrably far apart! By the way, you will find that Albert Porter is a prince of a guy to deal with, he was kind enough to Cryo-treat some Hubbells I already had a couple of months ago. Additionally, Bob Bundus & Ernie (Subaruguru) who both answered your thread, have each forgotten more than I'll ever know about the technical side of audio. I think my experience with the low-voltage lighting not making any noise was purely dumb luck! Good luck with your project. Ken G.