Halo Audio SET amps,,,,,,,,any one heard of em' ??

I came across a forum which mentioned a company I'd never heard of. Halo Audio. Anyone familiar with the and their products? I can't seem to find any info on them.
If you realy want to experience thrill to get one made by hobbyst and face the reliability and even performance issues than you're more than wellcome to spend your money and try try try...
I believe those were made by Antique Sound Labs for Audio Oasis. Check the Audio Oasis web site.

I'm sorry,,,,,I don't quite understand what you're saying.
I don't have too much trust to Audio Oasis that they would give you any kind of service after you buy their new item.
I had Halo passive preamp with noisy attenuator that they still sending to me for about two and half years. Well not anymore I need it since I sold it.
I imagine of other more tougher reliability problems that can occur in SET amplifier that they surely will refuse to take carre of since they're just hobbysts and not professionals.
Got it! Thank you very much.
I have owned a pair of Halo Audio SPM 25's for about a year. They have proven to be VERY rugged, reliable and one of the best sounding amps that I have ever owned (I would take a stab at perhaps 100 or more). I generally don't keep them around for long, unless they are trully a musical amp that can perform well with a wide variity of speakers. I have used them to drive PBN Montanas (SP's), Maggie 1.6's (at realistic levels, of course) and they work VERY well on Spica TC 60's (I'm listening to that combo as I type). They can be used with or without a Pre-amp. One of the tightest and focused sounds that I have had in quite a while has come from running a Jolida JD-100 into the Halos and on to the Spicas. The Halo were using the Sovtek 12AX7LPS as well as the Jolida... basicly face-to-face driving the new EH KT-88's... real nirvana. I have found the opposite in customer service than Marakanetz has. I have found them to be helpful, and a fun group to talk to. They "know their products" and have taken the time and have had the enthusiasum to bring the (already excellent) Antique Sound Labs amp to a new level of quality. The SPM-25 is "built like a tank" and is easy to maintain. Bias is simple, and the tube compliment can be had even in music stores. They have both 4 and 8 ohm taps that are connected to high quality (5 way) binding posts. They lay-out is simple and (Ifeel) very good looking. The tubes are seated in ceramic sockets and there is a very nice cage included. The cage can be "reversed" so that the front is open and the sides and top are protected. Nice touch. The Faceplate is "very" thick and looks very impressive. The Power cord is interchangable and I recommend putting a few dollars into a good one. Again, I feel that They are very, very good amps... and a steal for what Audio Oasis wants for them. I think they are on some kind of perpetual sale for around 700/800. A "single ended", high quality, extemely durable tube amp for that kind of money is a pretty good deal... even used (let alone "new").