Halo A51 vs Anthem P5

Wondering how they compare as I am shopping for amps.
Thanks Pinto72
A little more info. My speakers are all by PMC. Fronts, OB1s and CB6 and the wafer 2 in walls, soon to be installed. I have not chosen a processor but am considering the Anthem Statement. Still watching the continuing changing world in electronics, like 1.4.
I don't know how much help this will be but, while I have not heard the Anthem amp I have heard the Halo amp and it is a superb multi-channel amplifier. The only other multi-channel amp in this price range that I've heard that might outperform it is the Cary Cinema Five.
I have heard both these amps at length. I currently own both the Halo A23 and the Anthem A5, which are the little brothers of the A51 and P5, respectively.

The A51 is class A at low levels, and it has many of the benefits associated with class A, including a "smoothness" that is very pleasing. The P5 is perhaps a touch less refined, but it is a powerhouse. For music, I would probably select the A51. For movies, the P5. But both are excellent options.