Hall of Fame

Was skimming over the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame web site. Just wonder which first FIVE (just a random number) inductees you will pick for the first ever Audiophiles' Hall of Fame (if there is one): designers, engineers, inventors, entrepreneurs,etc. who contribute the most for the advancement of hi-end audio equipment. I'm sure we'll each have our own sets of criteria. My choices , bar none, are:
-Emile Berliner
-Saul Marantz
-Frank McIntosh/Gordon Gow
-Peter Walker
-Mark Levinson
Thomas Edison should probably be on top of the list for inventing the phonograph but I surmise the sound wasn't too high end ...:-)
This is a tough one.
There's been so much extraordinary talent and genius in this industry that it seems unjust to limit it to only 5.Anyway, here's my personal selection in alphabetical order-


This is bragging as I own/use these items and consider them all to be top notch, yet affordable products that have broken the price/performance barrier that is of concern to many of us.

Sakura OTA cable kit, don't know the name of the designer(s)

Ken Caterham, Neuance isolation components

Brian @ BMI, power cords

Sorry, if this makes you blush guys.
I'd have to say (in no particular order):
-Saul Marantz
-Nelson Pass
-John Bowers
-Ivor Tiefenbrun
-Frank McIntosh/Gordon Gow
I'm not sure if the first five positions should not all belong to Western Electric/Bell Labs. Just about everything we treasure came from them.
Hall of Fame bound- Dave Manley-VTL: tube amps. Saul Marantz:pioneer of classic amps Marantz. Mike Moffet: digital Theta. Avery Fisher-Fisher (early designs). Lew Johnson-C&J. Nelson Pass- solid state sound Threshold: amps & PASS Labs. Brian Introcaso-BMI: Whale power cable, Kevin Voecks- speakers Mirage, Snell, Revel.

This is judged on designers that have offered or who are currently offering great audio products in performance & overall value for there time.
Milos Nestorovic.
Frank McIntosh/Gordon Gow