Half speed masters. Are they worth the extra scratch?

I just purchased a Dire Straits Brothers in Arms half speed master. I'm using a Pioneer PL530 TT. Can this album be played successfully on my TT? I put it on 45 rpm but there is no way to tell if it is spinning at the right speed. The speed control is working but not keeping a steady reading like when I play a normal 33 record. It sounds good but I'm wondering if they should be played on a different table. Also is it worth it to pay extra money for these? I payed 50$ for this album. Thanks for any information.
Ok just looked up better-records.com.  Thanks to maestro MC.

Could not agree with them more; too many variables with vinyl and the only way to tell if a recording is superior is to play it.  But, ouch those prices; although it does make sense if you account for the many hours they must spend finding and selecting recordings.
How do your standard LPs sound on your turntable?
Hi OP, 

If you don't have the manual, here it is. Speed adjustment is on page 10. Happy listening. 

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If you standard 33 1/3 LP plays correctly - There should be not difference with the 1/2 Track Master.