Half Speed Mastering

I forgot how amazing half speed mastered records sound. I only have 1 that I listened to after a long time today. Everything we love about analog, but more of it! Wish I had more.


Decca half speed mastered their classical LPs (London too). This was to avoid a resonance issue in their cutter system. Apparently it worked.

depends on many variables, mostly skill and execution. Direct Disc Labs had skill, talent and ears….. 

Sbank- that’s interesting about Peter Gabriel.  I have two of his albums, both just used copies for $10 or less at my local record store, and after good ultrasonic cleaning, they are among the best sounding albums I have.  But my system loves that percussion.

Experiences like that have kept me from going down the “what pressing/mastering/deadwax rabbit hole, though I’m sure there is some merit.  I’m not motivated enough to learn and remember.  It would be great if labels all said where they were pressed, though.  I’ve yet to get a bad record from Quality Record Pressing.

I yearn for a time such as when I was young and didn't know if a record sucked unless it misstracks or was outright horrible.

Isn't Half Speed Mastering a bit over rated and maybe more of a Marketing thing (like Blu Spec Cds)? I know its a biggie marketing thing to have "half speed Abbey Road" sticker on the cover. 

I would be curious what Kevin Gray and the boys opinion on the process.