Haley Reinhart... What’s That Sound?

Guilty pleasure... disturbingly so.  The recording is a step above MP3 and the material actually fairly pedestrian.  But Haley and Company manage to infuse new life into these tunes which were originally performed by minimally gifted musicians and singers.

It’s not Shostakovich or Miles.  It’s just fun and strangely interesting with superior musicianship applied.  Haley gives great energy and at just 28 years, I think her material will mature.
Wow, seriously? You consider The Beatles, Stephen Stills, Ray Davies, Grace Slick, Rod Argent etc. minimally gifted singers and musicians?  That's the most asinine statement I have ever read on Audiogon. I  too am a Reinhart fan, but certainly wouldn't  compare her body of work to any of the afore  mentioned  artists; perhaps in 20 yrs she may measure up but at this time she has a long way to go.