Hales transcendence 8 tweeters

I just bought a pair of Hales transcendence 8 but missing both tweeters,I am aware that the original tweeters are not available and i need a recommendation want to replaced them with? Maybe someone can give me advice.Thanks
Madisound recommends the Seas T29MF-001. I have them in my T5s, as do others. I'm pretty happy with them.
Where did you buy yours?
Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't see how this can work unless you get very lucky. The speaker was designed with the original tweeter. There's a lot of variables to consider. The new tweeter may be more, or less sensitive, which would alter volume and frequency response. The xover may need to be adjusted. The box itself, may need to be modified.... Things like that, and possibly some others as well.
I got mine froom Madisound.

I agree, Zd. To add another variable, the original tweeters were metal dome, the Seas are soft.

But what are the options with no original tweeters anywhere? Myself and others have looked for a few years.
Ejvic, let me know what you end up doing.
I just installed a pair of VIfa D25AG-35-06 on them and sounds fine to me in a decent volume.I am still looking for the closest possible replacement for the original tweeterS without doing any modification.Thanks
"But what are the options with no original tweeters anywhere? Myself and others have looked for a few years."

You're right, you have to do something. I just didn't think it would be as easy as putting some new tweeter in, and that's it. I figured there would be some work in getting it to sound right.
What was interesting in my experience is that at the same time I had to change the tweeters, I went to the OPPO and my computer (using the OPPO DAC) for the digital front end. So several variables changed.

I was worried about the tweeters "matching" too. But it all sounds good and balanced to me - I have no complaints.
I listened to the T8 last night and played 5 deferent albums{cd} and the tweeter doing ok so far sounds bright but it doesn't bother me much.I connect to krell ksa-80 and ml1 preamp.
I wonder what other speakers uses the same tweeter like the one in T8? any ideas.
I don't know how many hours you have on them, but the new tweeters will need to break in. I would suggest 100-150 hours minimum before you judge them.
I believe that the original D26 series tweeter was 4 ohm... Try to verify that... If it is, put a 2 ohm resistor in series (positive lead) with the tweeter. This will do 2 things: help to bring the crossover frequency back to its original design and it will pad the tweeter a hair to help take care of the brightness that you speak of... again, I am going by memory of that tweeter being 4 ohm, check it out, if it is this inexpensive part will help,
Sorry, don't know what I was thinking, the resistor would be putting a 6 ohm in place of an 8 ohm, not a 6 ohm in place of a 4 ohm, please disregard my last post, I'll research and see what I can find about the original D26 tweeter. Tim
This can be reverse engineered and a decent dome can definitely be found. I would need to see the crossover. I've done some looking for you... this is a guessing game.
Hales are 88db 4 ohm speakers, I cannot find a spec sheet on its original tweeter anywhere, one forum said that it had a very low fs... (around 500). Most domes of that era had a slight to relative high end rise...
So here you go, basically, if the crossover does not have any pad on the tweeter, meaning the original tweeter was 88 db 4 ohm, Parts Express has The Dayton RS28F-4 (silk dome mid 500's FS) slightest high end rise, should be a drop in.. don't know about fitting in the cabinet. This is built for Dayton by Usher and is one of the better Dayton tweeters....
If you can take a look at the crossover and get resistor values on a pad, if there even are any, we can get very close, but my guess is that a Vifa of this era should not be more than 91 to 92 sensitivity... Madisound has a SB Acoustics SB25AC-C000-4. This dome has similar characteristics, but is 91+ sensitivity 4 ohm, but has a 700FS. I have not found crossover points or slopes.
These are both budget domes at around $50 each, Let me know where the budget is and I can take another look, but seeing that the vifa that you dropped in there is around 87.5 sensitivity with a higher fs and is 6 ohms, I would think that the Dayton would be a very good alternative.
I hope this helps, Tim
I was able to look up the Seas T29MF001 shown as recommended by Madisound above... It was a 92db 4 ohm sensitivity tweeter. Selling now for about $250 U.S. If Madisound is correct, that means that your Hales have a tweeter pad (tweeter volume is turned down)... but if that is the case, it would affect your 87.5db 6 ohm vifa that you are now using and it would sound dull... if I recall one of the treads above, it gets bright on occasion, which leads me back to telling you to buy the Dayton RS28F-4 from Parts Express. I can most likely find others, but I think you will find this a nice sounding alternative, good luck,
If anyone has burned out stock tweeters for the T8, I would like to buy them. I am doing a center channel, and have a replacement diaphragm already. Thank you.
"07-26-14: Ejvic
I wonder what other speakers uses the same tweeter like the one in T8? any ideas."

I may be wrong, but I think Hales made their drivers in house.
this is not a "Hales tweeter"... made by Vifa D26-38-04... Thiel used it a bit also...
I just order the Dayton ..the one installed right now sounds ok in low volume but sometime I want to listen a little louder and it sounds bright.i should be home this weekend and I will see if I can look at the crossover. thanks
Once installed give them 40 to 60 hours before getting critical... the worst thing you would need is to change 1 or 2 resistors in your crossover, You will get these to blend quite well. I'll be glad to help with that if you can get the info from your crossover and do the work.
i tried to open the back of the speaker to get to the x-over but i dont have a tool for that kind of screws,I might just stop by in hardware store to get some toll tomorrow.I really appriciate you helping me on this.
"08-01-14: Timlub
Once installed give them 40 to 60 hours before getting critical... the worst thing you would need is to change 1 or 2 resistors in your crossover, You will get these to blend quite well. I'll be glad to help with that if you can get the info from your crossover and do the work."

Do you think it would work if you put the resistor directly in the upper binding post like you do on Magnepans?
Hi ZD542,
Not on the binding post... a single resistor will add resistance to the speaker, if added to the tweeter, it will add resistance to the tweeter. If Hales used a single resistor in the crossover as a pad, the resistor is figured into the crossover frequency, If he used 2 resistors as an l-pad, we can simply change these 2 resistors without effecting the crossover at all.... of course, there is a shot that the tweeter sounds pretty good without mods.
Ejvic, don't worry about the crossover... mount the tweeter, get a good listen.... then we can worry about changes if your not happy. I suspect that it will be pretty good... and if the earlier post on the Seas tweeter was correct, we may need to completely remove a resistor or 2....
Ok..I saw a couple dale resister in series in the tweeter area if I am not mistaken..I'll wait for the tweeters and listen to them for a while..the one installed is not too bad except if the volume is a little louder then I start noticing the brightness of the sounds just like you said it is higher volume ...the t8 is a good sounding speakers ..sounds like live music kind if thing..they nothing compare to my sonus Faber Amatti homage but t8 is really sounds good.thanks
Give Bill Legall from Millersound a call to get his opinion on this situation;he is well known in the business and highly respected for his work.

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Lansdale, PA 19446-1531
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I hope that you did indeed buy the F version (not A version) of the tweeter that I recommended.... I've been researching the Hales info extensively. I have a photo of the crossover and I'm sorry to say now, but I have found a replacement diaphragm for the tweeter....
Here is the diaphragm: http://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/scanspeak-voice-coils/scanspeak-voice-coil-d3004/
The good news is that the Dayton RS-28F-4 is still a reasonable replacement, it should cross well and it will be down about 1.5 DB from the original tweeter, You may love it you may want to change a resistor... to correct. Or, Scan Speak now owns Vifa, this is supposed to be the correct diaphragm...
Don't say "now you tell me" took a lot of time to find this info. Tim

That's good you found some diaphragm but I don't have the original tweeter when I got them...I just got the Dayton and I will install them this weekend.thanks
And yes I have the f series and if it is lower in db it should work fine for me..the other vifa are fine but a little louder so it get brighter..I will also try a tube preamp with krell ksa-150
No, the Dayton F model is not lower in sensitivity than the Vifa that you have in there now, it is actually about the same, but the impedance is a much closer match to the original D26 series "Hales" vifa, so it will cross properly and hopefully get rid of the peak that you are dealing with.
If not the photo's that I have of the Hales crossover show it being fairly simple, I would just need to know how you would want it to change and need a shot of both sides of the board. as long as you can do the work, you will end up with a great blend.
I just installed the Dayton tweets last night and let it burn in all night low volume fm radio ,so far I really like it compared to the vifa Dayton is more relax and blending so much better I will listened to them more later after all my errands.Thanks
Been about 10 Days, I assume no news is good news. Are you a happy camper? Uh, happy audiophile?
Thanks I am very happy audiophile,I listened to them this weekend on my living room and sounds very very nice!! Thanks
I found 3 brand new tweeter about couple months ago and a brand mew woofer for spare...WOW the sounds is so much balance and love it!! I'm driving them with krell ksa 150 and kbl preamp for now and My sonus faber amati with mark levinson ml1 preamp and threshold t800...Thanks to all!!Happy now..
I have a few new diaphragms for these tweeters if they are needed. If so I can post them for sale. asking $50 each