Hales Transcendence 5 speakers endgame?

I have a pair of Hales Transcendence 5 speakers which I have been enjoying for the past 21 years. I redid the crossovers with high quality parts and put in Seas Millennium tweeters. I recently upgraded my entire system but I am keeping the Hales as I think they sound very nice. I’ve noticed that the Hales stock only have a resale value of a couple of thousand dollars but I don’t see them for sale often. I consider my Hales, especially modded as they are, endgame. Would you agree? Bottom line is that they sound awesome especially with my new digital,amp,preamp and cables.
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Hi mitchb,

I have been enjoying my Hales Transcendance 8 speakers for 21 years also.  I have upgraded everything in the system over the years except the turntable and arm.  During this time of improvements I never once thought about changing the speakers.  I mean that this never even crossed my mind as I planned and executed improvements to the system.  Still going strong and impressing me daily.  They do a lot right.  Only concern is failure of parts and what to do if it occurs, or find a replacement speaker.  I do have relationships with local high end dealers and I do take the time to listen to their brands when I do business with them.  Bottom line,I still would not switch unless I have to.  Enjoy what you have.