Hales T 8 speakers NEED TWEETER????

Please help me if you can!I need a tweeter for one of my trancedence 8 speakers.Does anyone know how or where to get parts for these?
Follow this link to Stereophile's Web site: http://www.stereophile.com/shownews.cgi?925
It outlines how QSC hired Paul Hales and bought Hales inventory of spare parts. They are supposed to sell them until they run out. BTW, don't know if this helps, but the tweeter in my R3s is a Vifa part.
try to check with
QSC Audio Products, Inc.,
1675 MacArthur Blvd., Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Phone: (800) 854-4079 Fax: (714) 754-6175

i think paul hales is working for them now.
good luck!
Hey guys,I called QSC and get this,they know nothing about Paul Hales.There web site backs this up with having nothing on hales!Man,this is a big shame!Thanks.
I believe Fpeel is correct: it is a vifa tweeter. Like you I also have a pair of T8's. I would appreciate any info. you could impart.
How many have blown Hales tweeters...and why does this EVER happen with a $10k pair of speakers?
I read somewhere that Madisound is stocking replacement drivers for the Hales Transcendence series. I called them before I bought my T-5's and they said that they did carry replacements for Hales, but I would have to give him specifics on the particular driver. Do know if this helps, but it is probably worth a call to them.
It's OK! Not MY tweeter...someone else's. Though I wonder if a "techie" amongst us can tell us how to avoid such a calamity?
I have the same problem. Does anybody has any suggestion where to find the replacement or the voice coil? The original tweeter model is Hales D26AG 38-04
May be someone has experimented with some other tweeters?
Thanks for all feedback.
I would give Bill Legall a call at Millersound for his opinion.

Bill LeGall
1422 Taylor Rd
Lansdale, PA 19446-1531
(215) 412-7700
There was a thread a few years ago about the Hales T5 and the Vifa tweeter they used.
I'm pretty sure the T8 used the same tweeter.
It was a cheap Vifa tweeter.
A couple of people switched to a Seas Millenium tweeter on the T5 and talked how much better it was then the Vifa tweeter. .
Here's the thread.