Hales Revelation 3:Oldie but is it still a Goodie?

I have ocassionally seen a few ads on the 'GON for this speaker..The Hales company is out of business, but the speaker seems to have developed a cult following. So,I need opinion from owners,etc as to how this speaker, the Hales Revelation 3 competes against recent hi-end speakers in the $2200-2500 price range. Also,would it be a mistake to buy a speaker whose company is defunct?? What about service and parts??
Great speakers, especially for rock, powerfull bass and decent detail. Needs a good size amp, 200 watts+. I believe the drivers are available.
If you put a good signal to the speaker and do not over drive the unit everything should be fine. Plus most parts are available from other sources. I bought the designer reference and am not looking back.
I have owned a pair for 2-3 years now and have no thought of trading. I was powering them with a Sim I-5 rated at only 70 watts and was very happy. I now power them with a Llano Amp rated at only 100 watts with an AE-3 pre amp. The thing I do miss from the Sim is the remote. I have them in an average sized living room that is open to the dining room. I listen to mostly accoustic music, but when pushed they will rock and then some. As the other posters noted, parts are still avail with a little searching. I would not hestate to recomend them to any one.
I choose Hales over these,

Martin Logan

...and it was a no-brainer. If you decide to buy, you may want to find a pair with the four threaded inserts for spikes, instead of the ones that simply rest on three spikes. I have owned mine for over four years and still really enjoy them, but you may want to try to get feedback from people who choose other speakers over the Revelation Threes.