Hales Revelation 3 Crossover Help

I'm looking for a crossover schematic for a pair of Hales Revelation 3s  or a good picture of a factory unmodified one.  It's a long story, but without one, I will be unable to save my beloved speakers.   Any help or direction would be fantastic.   I've only been able to dig up one image that isn't clear enough to find the problem with mine.

what kind of problem are you having? 
I took my speakers to a fellow to have the tweeters rebuilt, while they were there he ordered new crossover caps.  Evidently they are now incorrectly rewired and there is a lack of midrange and dramatically lowered output.  Don't know if both were worked on at once and somehow got incorrectly repaired.  At this point I have paid more than I originally purchased the speakers for and now they sound worse than when I sent them in.  He is willing to try and make them right, but I fear without a schematic it's going down a troubling path. 
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I’m laughing because I may be the only person on earth who knows what happened, because most modern speaker designers have never seen it.

What he probably did was swap out electrolytics for film (a good thing) that were parallel to the woofer. As a result, he lowered the ESR without compensating with the appropriate resistor.
If they are gone, measure the speaker impedance and compare to the Stereophile measurements. You’ll see a gnarly dip. Add R until that goes away.

If you can do neither, add R in 0.5 Ohm increments. Usually you want around a total of 1.5 to 2 Ohms (existing resistor + ESR).

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PS - Based on the STereophile measurements here:


That speaker is already very difficult to drive. Even small variations can perturb it further. Also, because it’s such a difficult speaker, I would have done a complete analysis first, to see if there are opportunities to improve the impedance curve while maintaining the frequency response. Old Gensis / Infinity speakers notoriously benefit from this type of work.