Hales? MIA or what

Hales speakers. Are they gone forerver. Or should I go ahead and buy second hand gear and hope that they will rise again and let me finish out my theater system.
There was couple fairly detailed articles on Stereophile's website in the last couple months. Basically, the recently acquired Hales (by wadia) bit the dust with their whole ownership "change". Supposedly, Wadia is attempting a "comeback" and we re supposed to see them again shortly. As far as I know, there is no come back plan for Hales as of yet, but that could change.
The above statement is correct. Except Wadia is allready back under new ownership but with a lot of the same people. Paul Hales left to do Pro audio. I believe the Hales speakers are left out in the cold. Good speaker, but orphaned.
Hales is gone forever. As noted above Paul Hales has been enticed to QSC to develop Pro Audio gear. Paul supposedly has a lucritive conract and the latitude to develop his ideas in the Pro Audio world. In the Stereophile news it is stated that QSC is supposed to buy all the Hales Audio parts inventory. QSC is going to sell the replacement parts until the stock is depleted, they will then decide whether or not to restock their inventory. It is unclear if QSC will cover Hales Speaker warrany repairs. I would say they will not for the simple fact that they have nothing to gain. Hales speakers only chance at a revival is if QSC decides to spin the division off or sells it to another high end company. I consider this unlikely since QSC owns all of Paul Hales patents and are unlikely to share them or sell them to a competitor. However if you covet Hales speakers you may want to buy the speakers and just buy replacement drivers from QSC.