I have been auditoning hi end speakers for the past year and cannot make a choice.Spending around 5 to 6 grand on 2 speakers is something i don't want to regret!I am aware that it is mostly personal prefernce,but can not make up my mind.What i am looking for is some people that have listened or owned a few of these and can make some quality suggestions that can help me decide.I hate those "kid like" talk groups that a few people ruin it for everyone.Here is my system and prefernces:Proceed avp processor,2 high end monoblocks,hi fi vcr,dvd,classe tuner.My room is 25'x30' so i need a speaker that can fill it and play loud.I live to feel the music(GOOD BASS)as well as enjoy clarity of the highs.I play all types of music,and play it loud.If i watch a dvd,i want to feel like it's real!I am considering a 2nd set of mains for surrounds if needed.Center is not picked yet,as i would like to find the mains first.I have a paradigm servo-15 sub.This is a very hard choice to make,as there is so many hi end speakers out there.Any help would be appreciated.Thanks in advance,Ken P.S.sorry for any misspelling!
Ken, I spent a lot of time listening to Dunlavy's and Hales. Both great speakers. I have decided on a pair of dunlavy SC-III's. The thing I love about the Dunlavy's is that they are so natural. I can listen for hours at a time without a hint of listener fatigue. There are other speakers out there that will have more thrill factor when auditioning but the Dunlavy's simply make glorious, natural music. The soundstage and imaging is unbelievable. As my friend likes to say, it's like taking a bath in the soundstage. For your size room and budget I'd give the SC-IVa's a listen. I have'nt looked back 1 second after my purchase of the Sc-III's, they are a great speaker.
Definitely the Dunlavy. I own a pair of SC-4 latest edition pre 4A. These speakers are absolutely fabulous. I have auditioned B&W N801, N802, Hales T5 and T8, Wilson Watt Puppy 6.0 with much better equipment than mine. No doubt I like them all BUT the DAL SC4 has something which all the others don't have which is soul/life in the music. The others sound just fine but lack the realism and scale/ size of the performance. Sounds more real too. Properly setup the SC4 does not have shortcomings like many describes ie. no bass and bright upper mids. If you have more coin to spend, go for the SC4A's. I have not heard them personally but they are an improvement over the SC4's. Email me if in doubt. I stand by my word. Let me know what you decide. mansenglai@yahoo.com
Dynaudio CONSEQUENCE period. I've had B&W all my life and never thought I'd switch but after seeing a pair in the flesh I had too buy them. First of all, most of the premier monitors available today utilize dynaudio drivers { wilson, eggleston, dunlavy, totem to name a few}. Second of all, since 1984, 1700 pairs have been made and would you believe I've never seen a pair for sale on all the mediums available. Thirdly, based on the size of your room would you believe that these monsters would fill it with 20hZ-30khZ. The only thilng I caution is that they require lots of juice-at least 200 watts with tonnes of current. They're only 83dB which means they'll only sound good if you can provide the juice. Also, they are simply to die for asthetically. Cllick on Dynaudio.com and observe for yourself. Mine are rosewood which look so good freinds who don't know anything about audio stop and inquire. I've just spent 2200.00 replacing all four 12" drivers and did so myself because the only person I trust is ME. My room is 13*27 and the sound amazing. Your room is the size I'd love but can't negotiate. By the way, my ceilings are only 7' which creates another obsticle. What are yours? Furthermore, I'm a McIntosh fanatic and the amps I use are 1000 watts a side. Call me and we can discuss further: the reasin I'm selling them is that I'm losing interest in audio and gaining interest in CHILDREN.
I'd like to suggest that you consider VMPS speakers. They are similar to Legacy and Dunlavy speakers in design (large, multi-driver speakers), with excellent dynamics and bass, and very good sound-staging ability. Also, they are very reasonable in cost compared to most speaker brands. They have a website (Stereophile.com links to it) and there are dealers around the country. I have a pair of Super Tower SE's upgrading from the Tower II SE's. Anthony Cordesman who has written for TAS, Stereophile and Audio magazines has championed them for years. Good luck.