Hales Design Group Transcendence 5 Grill Cloth

Hi Everybody!

New member here. I have a pair of 1998 Hales Transcendence 5 speakers (since new). The grill cloth is showing the wear and tear of several moves, kids in the house and simply age. Does anyone know a service that will recover the grill frames with new material or, alternatively, has anyone done it themselves and with what material?

Thank you for everyone’s time.





Sorry I don't have an answer for you.

I owned the Hales T5s and still think back on them fondly.  Amazing speakers.  Incredible imaging, soundstaging and at the time almost peerless for accurate instrumental timbre.  I still have my Hales T1 monitors and T-Center channel doing duty in my home theater.   My T-Center channel also has some wear on the grill clothe.  It's torn a bit, missing a little on one corner.  I'm amazed it hasn't all snapped off yet.  If that ever happens I figure I'll just have to buy grill clothe somewhere else and recover it myself.

There's lots of grill cloth available online. Buy some, and a fabric stapler. 

They’re worth fixing. I had the privilege of hearing a pair of modified Hales a few weeks ago, on an advanced system driven by Convergent amps and preamp where there had formerly been an impressive pair of Magicos. The Hales were impressive too!

Grill cloth is available online. You can do it yourself, or have a local speaker repair shop do it if you have one. You could send them out to a speaker replace place too. I’d think places like GR Research, Madisound, or Meniscus could either do it or put you in touch with someone credible.