Halcro with electrostats?

Anyone try this combo?

I've heard them on B&W Nautilus 800 at a dealer and was inpressed.

Wondering if they would be to much of a good thing with electrostats.

My business partner has this setup and it sounds great! Are you loking at the Logic level amps or the Reference level amps?
Pkancel, I've only heard the dm-58s.

My Innersound Kaya speakers would need the dm-68 or dm-88. I would have to buy used and save for awhile for those.

Just wondering if it would be worth it.

I want my next amp to be something I don't feel the need to upgrade for a long time.

Yes - look up user "John C. - Aussie" on AA. He uses DM-68s with Sound Lab Majestics.
I use Halcro 68s with Soundlab M1s. The sound is incredibly dynamic and detailed. Soundstage is incredible, 'in the hall' with the room vanishing. By way of comparison I tried the Ayre monoblocks and the sounstage collapsed, dynamics and detail paled significantly and the raw excitement of the music vanished. My only problem is I listen loud in a large room. At peaks I can get the Halcro to clip with significant hardening.
Did anyone hear the Halcros at RMAF with the new Acoustic Zen speakers?

I thought that setup sounded quite dull. Also lacking dynamics. They were tri-amped with DM-88s I believe.

It didn't make any sense to me. I guess the room just wasn't working for them.