Halcro SSP180 vs SSP220

Hi, folks, I am thinking to buy a Halcro preamp. Other than the faceplate and some operational hassels, are there any other difference between SSP180 and 220. Do they produce the same sound quality?

And how would Cary Cinema 12 compare to SSP180.

Thanks a lot.
Hi, Have you checked your source for the products you intend to


Warranty/ service /parts/etc

It's just the Halcro Aust Factory has folded couple of years ago

Finito Nix,Nada!

I would avoid the halcros. Ive had 3 220s and all of them died. The first 2 came to me with hdmi issues, the last one was brand new from factory and only lasted a little more than a yr and blew up. They are no longer in business so no warranty etc. Sounded fantastic but completely unreliable.
Thank you both for the reminder. Looks like I have to change my plan.