Halcro DM-58's or Levinson 33's?

Currently there are a pair of each listed for sale...Have any of you listened to both? what are the pros & cons? I currently have Levinson 436's with Revel Salons.


I have listened to both at an average acoustic venue (dealer) driving Salons. I also listened to both driving the Genesis V (the main spkr of course, not the subwoof). Finally, let me say that although I admire the Salons, for some strange reason I never managed to get to like their sound... BTW I listen to and judge by classical music and a bit of blues.

SO: with the Genesis, the Halcro was better (harmonic texture, detail, upper register, voice/violin/cello). The Lev sounded darker.
With the Salons: tough choice. The 33 sounded superb and so did the Halcro. I'd say the Halcro was better in the upper mids onward (say +3-4kHz) making the sound slightly more alive. I could say the Levs had the edge lower mids-bass. Dynamic swings were excellent, esp with the Levs.

Note that when I say "better" I mean very SLIGHTLY superior to MY ears -- for you that should mean "possibly" or "probably".

Final considerations: Revel & MLev were "related" products, so it may be that ML were used in voicing the Salons. IMO the 33's are by far the best ML product BUT, as always, YMMV!
Try biamping your Salons vertically with a second pair of 436 amps. This really takes the Salons to another level. There are several pair of 436's at bottom basement prices. I have not heard the Salons with the 33's so I couldn't tell you which was better but the 436's are easier to move and ship. I'm sure that 33's sound better than 436's by themselves as the Salons love lots of current and I know the 33's are highly regarded. So what does the rest of your system consist of? I'm always curious about possible improvements for my system.

The rest of my system consists of: Revel Salons, Voice & 2 pair of Embraces; 3 ML 436's, 2 Proceed HPA-2's, ML No. 40, Ayre D-1x, Reference Imaging 9" CRT Procjector, all stereo cables are Transparent however I may switch to Synergestic at some point...thanks for the replys.
Both are over priced.

Go with the newer Mcintosh designs at least give them a listen, like me you may be surprised.

Theta citadels will do just as good or even better than the levinson and halco's.