Halcro Amps with Richard Gray?

What do you all think about connecting Halcro amps (DM58s) thru the Richard Gray power conditioners? Thanks.

I have no experience with that combination- but that said, I would not do it. RGPC does not recommend that, I don't think.
Worth a try though, if you have the gear give it a shot !

Personally, I would not use any high quality amp with any conditioner. Other electronics, yes, but not amps.
Buy one used. At least the gray works in parallel, not series. I don't use one, as I agree with Dewinkle, but if you try it used, and sell it used, you're only out a little time and trouble. Hey, it's not even trouble- it will be fun for you to hear the difference. Sure, the store might loan one, but you have to make up your mind over the weekend.
i have a pair of the halcro dm -68 ,and i plugg them directly into a 20 amp dedicated outlet, with nothing to condition them.....
the power supply on these amps is very sophisticted ,and requires no "conditioning....."