HALCRO Amplifiers

Has anyone heard the HALCRO amps. Heard them at a dealer
in NJ. They sounded gorgeous...???
I heard the amps in Las Vegas driving a pair of JM Labs Mezzo Utopia. It was one of the few rooms that really stood out from the rest. I just wish they didn't retail for 20k. At that price point they better sound better(different) than the big ones from Krell, Levinson, Etc.
I also heard them in Las Vegas at CES and they stood, no make that jumped, out from all the rest. I rated the Halcro / Mezzo combo the best of the show. Halcro is coming out with lower cost / lower power amps this year. Even thought they are $20K, it could actually be a good value from what I heard. No veil AT ALL between you and the music. Amazing.
I heard a pair in Hong Kong's dealer showroom (the dm68) and they are truly very very good. They were driving a pair of Revel Studio, and the Studio never sounded better. Even seems to sound better then 33 driving them.
I had a chance to hear them about a year ago. They were powering up a pair of wilson audio speakers. Three dimensional sound is an absolute understatement.
i have heard only the model dm 68, which retails for $30k, driving the jm grand utopias. quite impressive. but then, would you expect anything less? -kelly