HALCRO Amplifiers

Has anyone heard the HALCRO amps. They sounded gorgeous at a dealer in NJ. Very Very detailed & extremely musical
too ????
The February/March issue of The Absolute Sound has a review of the HALCRO DM85 amp. It is interesting and worth a read. Good Luck, Doug
I e-mailed the company after reading the review in the current issue of TAS. The closest dealer to me (Tulsa,OK) is in Virginia, so I guess I won't be listening to the amps any time soon. I sure do like their design concepts, though.
I heard the amps, probably at the same NJ dealer you did. I am cracking open my piggy bank to buy them. Simply the best I have heard. If you can afford them, buy them. Good luck.

Hi Gleeds, What dealer in NJ did you hear them at? Thanks in advance. Tom
Anyone who would spend $20k plus on an amp is a true audiophile and and true fool. Just how much do u think it cost to make it? U would lose $6-8,000 when u walk out the door with it. I would spend the $6-8,000 on some very young ladies and buy a used $12,000 amp. U will have better memories. Ha.
There is no NJ dealer.Delve Audio has a pair of the amps he bought for his own system.He aquires the amps direct to customers from Sanibel Sound who is the distributor and retails this product to customers.
I know the guys from Halcro - they are from Adelaide, Australia. I helped them set up a few demos when they first came to the US. The demos were with BAT and Dunlavy gear.
The best sound I ever heard.
It has been tough getting distribution and the amps aren't cheap. This must create a concern for resale and if they can't get more distribution then how long will they be around?
I hope they do well as it is really good stuff. They have cheaper models on the horizon.
I heard a pair of Halcro amplifiers driving a pair of the new Quads at Hi-Fi Farm in Moneta, Va. I am an audiophile of 30+ years and I must say that the "system" was stunning in many areas. One of the best I've heard.
I think it,s quite clear who are the true audiophiles on this site.Most of us are into the reproduction of sound and the advise of others,while one may not agree with the other there is no need to call anyone a fool and to ridicule the other for advise sought or given,this is a forum for knowledge not name bashing.Iam getting real tired of seeing these post that bash one another,there is never a stupid question or opinoin.

Kudos to you for your oh-so-delicately-stated opinion. Wouldn't it have been sufficient to say that "it's too rich for my blood?" I wish I had the wherewithal even to consider something like the Halcro. That I don't doesn't give me the right to tee off on those who do.

If you are the "go for the jugular type", you might find things more amusing at audiorview.com. That board abounds in posters who make Genghis Khan look like a diplomat.
In response to a post....

Delve Audio IS a Halcro dealer (IN New JERSEY) and acquires amps from Halcro directly, through Philip O'Hanlon, the Halcro Distributor. He is the only Halcro distributor in the USA, as far as I know.... Oliver, owner, Delve Audio