HAL-O, Isolation platforms, and tube cd players

I have just installed HAL-O tube dampeners in my Jolida JD 100 which sports GE 5751 triple black plate tubes, and I believe I am finally attaining the emotional sound I have been looking for in my system. I was always yearning for more decay and transparency. I have it now in spades! These are the largest and least expensive improvement I have made to my system in months. Only $10 each.

Anyone out there also using an isolation platform or "Aurio's" or some other isolation points under their digital equipment in conjunction with tube dampeners in their digital setup?

In general, "Can a guy isolate gear too much?" What is the point of diminishing returns? the source component? or the amp, preamp? I run passive preamp, solid state amp.

I swear by Symposium rollerblocks, most especially under digital. My new cdp has BDR cones affixed to the chassis, but will soon try a Symposium shelf of some kind resting on rollerblocks as a base for it. If prior experiences are anything to go by, lower frequencies should get more definition and power, mids will smooth out some and be more dynamic, new details will float out of the mix, and the soundstage should expand and become more focussed. Marble slabs sitting on superballs worked for me as well.
The HAL-0 dampers are working out very well in my cdp. After my suggestion, a friend also tried them in his tube preamp and was immediately impressed. They are a great value.

The wall rack I made for the cdp uses two steel brackets with a 1.25" maple board screwed on top. Another 1.25" shelf supported by vpods on top of that. Spikes in that shelf support the Neuance shelf. I use the stock feet on the cdp.

I also have a passive linestage that is supported under the bottom shelf of the wall rack using some threaded tubes and a hardwood frame to utilize the rack mount capability. See the photo in my system.
Hey Y'all,

I also use the Hal-Os and I have my CDP on Audio Points. Both of these upgrades on there own were significant improvements in the sound. Together, they have taken my system to a new level of performance. The discriptions that Brimac used for the effects of his iso combo are very similar to what I've noticed with the Hal-O/Audio Points set up.........John
I have a tube preamp with Hal-O tube dampers all around. Underneath I use symposium rollerblock jrs w/tungsten carbide balls and brightstar airmass. Microphonics are not an issue, at all. Imaging has gotten sharper and instrumental tone has become more evident. I use the same setup minus the Hal-O's under my CDP and DAC.