Hair-Raising Use of NOS Tubes

A friend of mine from work burned me a bootleg recording of a Kathleen Edwards concert performed in Holland a few years ago. In the middle of the show she launches into a story about how she had recently acquired a bunch (sounds like hundreds) of NOS tubes--unused, still in their original packing. Declaring them "worthless" but not wanting to throw them out she spent hours and hours gluing magnets to them so they could become refrigerator magnets to hand out at her shows. Ouch.
silly broad!
A LOT of tubes ARE worthless except to hoarders and collectors of oddities. IMO. Only a select group are actually useful in audio equipment.
So if those tubes were something no one would want. It is NOT so stupid to do something with them.
I am certain she would have asked around and found out if anyone would want them. Clearly no one did.
Not all tubes are good!!
nice to read your story...

NOS Tubes are goo to use.


nose job before and after
Hey thats still a cool idea for crap tubes, would look great on my man cave fridge!