On windows 10..it uses a generic driver...
Is this normal?
Am I being short changed in any way?
I think Windows 10 finally caught up. Before this, only Linux and OS X had plug and play for USB 2 DACs.

In your player, make sure you select "exclusive mode" and if your DAC has a volume control, set the software to maximum volume.

I have a Topping desktop unit, and the only thing the driver package adds is a little info screen.

I think this was not the case with older DAC’s or older versions of Windows.

If you have a USB DAC that is more than 8 years old or so you may need it for high resolution playback. The last DAC I saw that was like this was the ARC DAC 8.

Windows versions before 10 may not be able to play music at all with a USB DAC without the driver installed.

Linux is fussy about DSD due to how they embed supported DAC capabilities in the kernel.

If your DAC supports DSD and you can play it, you are all set.


@All............The Hag is working...The DacMagic 100...(soon to be changed purchased a used irdac 1st version on its way)
Is also working.....When Dacmagic alone was running the proprietary drivers were evident..now with the Hag Windows just calls my stream out Audio USB DAC so it obviously is using the generic driver..as it was just a plug and play scenario...So I am assuming as said in manual for Hag no special drivers needed...just plug and play....I just thought I might see the stream out called Hag UsB..

I assume its functioning normally if its playing..I also thought there might be a better driver to enhance the Hag.
It's not really the drivers you need.
If you use Tidal, or JRiver, or whatever, each has to be set to use the output exclusively.

Otherwise all bits go through the Windows audio mixer.