Hagerman Cornet?

I'm looking for info on the Hagerman Cornet. I'm confused between the Cornet and the Cornet2. What's the difference? Are there any owners that can tell me how the kit compares to other phono stages? I understand you need to purchase the parts separately with the half kit which means that every unit will sound a little different, but if you can give me a general idea of how it compares to other stages you've heard, that would be great. If you want to outline the parts you used, that would be helpful too. I own an EAR 834P and I'm looking for something that will better it. Is the Cornet capable of doing that?
The Cornet is the original version. The Cornet2 is sort of like a "Mark II" revision of the same circuit. The differences are mainly in the size of the circuit board. The "2" is available as a DIY kit project. The original is not.

However, I re-made the original board into a fully assembled Cornet at the Hagerman Audio Labs website. Again, same circuit. Differences are chassis and size.

Thanks Jim. I appreciate the clarification.

Are there any Cornet owners out there that can comment on performance?
There are numerous posts about the superior performance for the $$$ of the Coronet models - just search for them. You can also find lots of info on the Hagerman Circle at that other forum (which I can't directly post a link to here because the moderators won't let it go through).

Thanks Bob. I found a bunch of great info at Audio Asylum and decided to buy the half kit. There's a lot of interesting advice in terms of tweaks and upgrades. I'm looking forward to building it!