Hagel H200 with Magico Mini II's?

Does anyone have experience/oppinion on driving Magico Mini II's with a Hagel H200 integrated amp? Enough horsepower? I have read they ware challenging speakers to drive. Thanks.
You can drive them but the Hegel H 200 is a good integrated it is not of the same class as the Megicos which deservere s far superior amplifier.

I would check out the Norma Audio IPA 140 which is an $8600 integrated with very high current delivery which was rated to compare with $25k worth of separate components in a recent HiFi plus review.

I am listening to one now and I used to have a Hegel H 200 no contest.
Auditioned the Hegel H200 and the H20 Amp. Liked the H200; LOVED the H20. If the Magico's need power, get the H20. A couple of used ones on Audiogon now. That's what you want.
I would recommend the H300 Int from Hegel (250wpc), i use this in my living room system!