Hafler modded amp question

an informal poll if you please for anyone that owned a Hafler amp with Musical concepts mods

1) What do you have now for an amp?
2) what did your hafler replace

For myself I still have a DH-200 with pretty much all the mods that are DIY plus a few tweaks. I have a very selfish motive in asking this... I spent $2200 on an integrated amp from Canada in 2001, that a $200 stock Hafler amp purchase on EBay blew away for stereo imaging in 2006. So looking to see if a pattern emerges for what knowledgeable Hafler owners upgrade to and which amps they preferred the Hafler over.
I'm probably not your usual knowledgeable Hafler owner but I kinda do qualify as I owned (& stll own) a Hafler. It first got "upgraded" to a B&K which is now used to power the fronts of one HT system. I then upgraded to a used Odyssey amp - and if anything that's been the favorite. I stopped acquiring more gear for the sake of more gear a few years back but still have the Hafler (back BR/office 2-channel system) and it's still a favorite - but the Odyssey is what I listen to most. I'll admit that I might be eyeing something new but until I hear a positive difference I'm just not getting more for the sake of more.
I had a DIY modded Hafler DH200 and replaced it with Monarchy SM70 Pro monoblocks. The Monarchys were noticeably better in all respects, but the DH200 was pretty darn good for the money.

Hi Davide256

Here is a quick version of my Hafler journey.

I had a very good condition Hafter DH-220 but I had to sell it due to money issues. I enjoyed the music it made and was sad to see it go. Later when times were better for me I got a Hafler DH-500. I liked the bass response but wasn’t much of a fan of the mids and highs. Maybe my DH-500 was too old or in need of more upgrades than what I was willing to spend. I sold that and some time later I found a Musical Concepts Hafler XL-280 with Level 1 mods. Music was real nice with this amp but around that time then I got hooked on Class A type amps. I sold the Hafler and then got a Sumo Nine and had it re-built. After all that I found I still missed the sound of the Hafler. I lucked out and found a re-built Hafler DH-220 at a very reasonable price here on A’gon. Now both the Hafler and Sumo are in one of my sound systems. I do enjoy the Sumo Nine more but that DH-220 isn’t going anywhere. Other amps I like as well that I heard after the Haflers were: McCormack DNA .5 and Kavent P-3300.

The guy I purchased my original Hafler DH-220 from went onto a Pass Labs Aleph 5 and never looked back. I spoke to him some time ago and the only way you would wrest the Aleph 5 from his system was if he was dead.