Hafler DH500 mods

I have a Hafler DH500 amp and although I enjoy it, I feel as though something is missing. I really dont have the money for a new amp but could find a little to modify it. This amp's been around long enough that im sure many of you are familiar with it. Does anyone have any suggestions on some modifications to bring the best out of this tank without braking the bank? I purchased it around 3 years ago on Agon and the seller informed me that some mods had already been done by an MIT guy. (ok) The only thing I have seen inside that points to this is a rectangular cap soldered between the output caps. I need help fellas. Let me know what you all think. By the way, Im using PSB Stratus Goldi's and a Adcom GFP565 preamp and a Sony DVPS9000ES.
One of the most common mods is to increase the power supply filter caps for more dynamic headroom. Re-wire internally with Cardas Wire, and replace jacks with Cardas jacks. If the signal path caps are easy to get at, replacing those with some Black Gates would definitely help out. A better power cord would be nice. Shouldn't cost alot, but the Black Gates are expensive.
Hi Lincolnl,

The following assumes you know enough about electronics to solder and not work on gear that is plugged in, etc.

There is one bipolar cap per driver card that will cost about 20.00 each to replace with Black Gate caps, then 2 more polarized caps that will cost under $5.00 each. The resistors are mostly carbon, you could replace them with Dales from Mouser RN65's should do for most of them. One major improvement can be had by going to a Fred based bridge rectifier, you can buy them for about $20.00 from Michael Percy Audio. I would do the bridge first, the caps second, followed by the resistors. Next, mouser can get UF4007 diodes, these should be used to replace all the non-zener diodes. IF you are driving a pair of speakers that are very inefficent, next I would replace the PS caps.

If you decide to replace resistors or diodes other than the bridge rectifier, get hold of me for more specifics first!

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I inquired to Musical Concepts and it seems to me by the amount of upgrades they have that they have done many on this amp.Check out the web site.Good luck