Hafler DH200 updates..

I have two DH200s which I have owned since the late 70's and want to retrofit with updated binding posts, RCA input jacks and power cords. I don't plan to install IEC detachable but rather 14 gauge attached cords with a strain-relief clamp. I do however intend to install Cardas RCA jacks and binding posts so was wondering if 1) has anyone here done this before and if so 2) do you have any helpful hints. Years ago I sent these units back to the factory for installation of some sort of higher quality caps and maybe a couple of other updates...can't remember specifics, but the original aluminum RCA input jacks are worn and very short and the power cords are very tiny and worn.

Thanks in advance.
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search through the archives and you should find plenty on this. There are numerous upgrades that can be done to the DH 200 and 220. Also search the web for Halfer upgrades, since there are several who offer these services on the web.
Contact John Hillig of Musical Concepts. He worked for hafler when they were still in business. He has numerous updates for hafler products.
John has been doing updates for 30yrs+. Give John a call, he is more than
happy to talk to you.
I called him and your were right. He had some very helpful suggestions. Thanks.