Hafler DH-500 - Musical Concepts upgrades - value

Hi all,
Here's my current rig.

Sources: Oppo DVD player, Technics SL1200 / Ortofon 2M RED via Bellari VP129
Pre/Amp: Classe SSP-25 / Hafler DH500 (minor mods)
Speakers: B&W DM640 / Velodyne sub (Looking at eventually MG12 or 1.6)
Misc: Room acoustic treatments, vibrapods here and there

Q: Would the Musical Concepts upgrades (PA-3E Signature, for example) bring the Hafler DH-500 up to audio nearly comparable to more expensive amps (McIntosh MC252, for example)

For the total investment on the Hafler and the Musical Concepts mod, I'm almost halfway to the Mac. And considering Mac's resale value, this may be a no brainer. ?

Cheers, Alex333
Upgrades are about.25 cents on the dollar when it comes time to sell.A Mac will always hold its value.