Hafler DH-200 Toasting speakers

I have a Hafler DH-200 with a Hafler 110 preamp with theil CS-2. I have been enjoying music for a few months now then all of a sudden the mid fried on one speaker and the mid and woofer on the other. I have driven them hard before but not when the problem reared its head. I first noticed the one mid was scratchy so I stopped using the stereo and invited a friend over to take a look at them. When he arrived a few days later I played some music and the mid was completely blown and within a few minutes of low level listening the other mid and woofer were gone. I assume it is my amp doing this but does anyone have any suggestions on fixing the problem? I also have another DH-200 but I am a bit afraid to try it as I have never hooked it up to a system at all. Thanks for any suggestions.
sounds like your speakers are consuming a large amount of DC current and this might have caused the damage. High ac voltage on a speaker is better than a low dc voltage.Thiels need a more powerful amp then a Hafler 200. You were most likely clipping this amp.
Seems like you get collector DC to your speakers. You need to check DC electrolytic caps.
You should always check the DC offset with a multi meter before you hook up an amp that has sat for while. The first amp was on its way out before it took out your speakers. That vintage of amp should probably be re-capped & re-biased before you hook it up. If the amp has sat for a while not being used and plugged into the wall. It should be brought up slowly with a variac over 2 days as to recondition the capacitors.
After you get your problem fixed, put a 1.5 amp fast acting fuse in series with the speakers. It would go between the plus terminal on the speaker, and the plus wire going to it. If it blows to easily, then try a 2 amp fuse. These could be bought at Radio Shack. An inline fuse holder, and the 1 1/4" long glass fuses.This may help protect your speaker when you get your amp back, with the possibility that it may not be 100% right yet. One on the plus of each speaker. If your friend has more knowledge on electronics, let him do it. The tech could show you how too. Link to RS.[http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2102786&CAWELAID=107595537][http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2102740][http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2102741]
The first fuse is a 1 1/2 amp(one and a half amp), just in case the decimal point doesn't show up good.
Thank you all for your input to my problem.