Hafler 9130 Right Input RCA loose... How do I access this?

I purchased a 9130 and didn't realize until too late that the right channel input RCA is loose. It still plays but it pushes in when I connect a cable to it and cuts out from time to time and I have to 'jiggle' it. 

I removed the top panel and it looks like the inputs are underneath the main circuit board. It looks like there is not a bottom access panel or I just can't figure out how it comes off.

I am new here but have seen posts from a couple years ago where techs familiar with this amp were very helpful. Hoping they are still around. I'm not a technician but I can recognize the various components, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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You probably have to pull up the main PCB, screwed down.
Trouble could ensue. If holding the jack flush mitigates the ’open’ maybe you could glue it.
It kinda depends if it’s grounded (return) to case. If it’s not apparent uou could check with a meter. If it's grounded just use spots ofj glue or JB Weld one side.
Best of luck.