Hafler 220a

Anyone familiar with this amp? Is this essentially a 220 or really a new model.

I ask for two reasons. I used to own a Hafler DH 200 and liked the sound, so I am thinking of getting another with an eye toward modding in the future. However, and this brings up the second point, I am somewhat skeptical about 'newer' hafler amps. It seems like these are really geared toward a professional setting or even musicians. This worries me because very often the amp sound for a HT and the amp a musician uses at a gig is really a different beast (or so I understand). So I really have no interest in something that is essentially a pretty Peavey, I would be very interested in a version of the original 220.

I checked the forum records and it seems that no one has ever written about this amp before. So hopefully this isn't a dead subject.
I was a Hafler dealer back in the day and I'm pretty sure that the DH-220A was the factory "a"ssembled unit and a DH220K was the "k"it. Same amp, but one was in kit form and one was already built. That's the way I remember it anyway.
That's correct Mofi- K for kit and A for assembled. I was the Hafler dealer in Winter Park, Florida, when they first got rolling. My customers always had me do the assembly, with my little tweeks added. I miss Dynaco & Hafler both. Of course- neither would be the same without David.
The original 220 is a great little amp. I still have one. I bought it in about 1984. I still use it from time to time. They come up fairly often. You should be able to get one fairly cheap if you wanted to.
Did the Hafler 220a amps come with a face plate and rack handles? On another popular auction site I saw a Hafler DH-220 with the 220a on a face plate with rack handles. This face plate didn't look like the add-ons I've seen previously where the face plate and rack handles got screwed on.

I enjoyed the following Hafler amps: DH-220, XL-280, and DH-500.

The later one I really want to try is the Hafler 9505.