Hafler 120 questions?

Got a couple of basic questions about a couple of the smaller Hafler amps:
1.) Does the DH-120 phase invert ?
2.) Does the SE-120 phase invert?
3.) Input impedance of DH-120?
4.) Input impedance of SE-120?
5.) Volt in for full output of DH-120?
6.) Volt in for full output of SE-120?
Even partial info will be greatly appreciated.
Hi there,

I recently bought the Hafler 120 too. I found all the specs from eBAY:
Good luck!If required,give me your email address and I send you an attachement.
I also have got a problem with one of them., sometimes when I first turn it on, it makes a noise from the speaker which can be quite loud sometimes.I checked all the cables; all seems ok. I supect it's the power switch. Could you pls advice to me by email: vegetarian_meatlover@hotmail.com