hafler 100, 101, 110

Can someone describe the differences between the hafler 100, 101, 110 preamps?
I'm looking for a pre to go with my DH 220 and will probably have Musical Concepts modify them both.
I don't know all the differences, but you can check for yourself here:


Click on Tech Support and then Library Archives. They have manuals for all 3 models in PDF format. Good luck with your research.

I think the DH-110 is the one to go for. It has two phono inputs and some other useful features. Plus, it sounds pretty good.

I believe I tried the DH-101 (owned one for a short time) back in the day and didn't think it sounded very good despite the positive reviews. Also, the pushbuttons were plastic pieces of junk that either fell off or otherwise malfunctioned due to their poor design.

The DH-220 was a decent sounding amp, as I recall, so I'd either pair it with a DH-110 or a different company's preamp.
I would go for a different company's preamp. I actually owned the DH 110 for a few years and to be honest, it was not very good. I bought it fully assembled, and based on all the positive reviews, I thought there must be something wrong with it. Sent it to Hafler, but they said it was perfect. This is just my experience and opinion, but it was like listening with cotton stuffed in my ears or something. Very, very bad.

I have no axe to grind, nor do I fault or think poorly of anyone who might like this preamp (other than perhaps lacking in exposure or experience). My amp was the Hafler (DH-200?) and speakers Acoustat.