Hadouk Trio....

I tend to gravitate towards stuff that's a little different. Been playing a lot of these guys music lately and sharing it with some of my customers. Hope you enjoy some of this too (I just cut and pasted from some of the emails I've sent...):

Hadouk Trio


Pretty eclectic sound effects:

I really like Steve Shehan's percussion kit and what he does with it - almost better than a regular drum kit. The elctronic kit I'm looking at will allow me all these different percusion instruments and, as an aside, a big 42" Concert Bass Drum which I always wanted to incorporate into my acoustic kit but never got around to - pretty Cool! Eventually I'd like to compose and record some stuff with Garage Band on my Mac. Man...so much I'd like to do. Back side of 50 says I should make a bucket list. Steve Shehan solo:


Robert - I like the clips of Hadouk Trio. Thanks for the lead on new music.
Thank you for the heads up. Have you any recommendations for starters sonically?
Hadouk Trio Live at FiP is very good. 2 discs, one dark, one light. Demo quality live recording.
Hey 4est.

I'd agree with Tobias. FiP is very good. The only thing I don't like about this CD is the bass is a little distracting in two or three songs. But that's out of 15 songs of which none blow compositionally. Beyond that the song content is great. I like the CDs below as well and I believe these all sound great. You'll find studio versions on these that are on the FiP.

Hey Pdreher. You're welcome! Nice system.I bet FiP would be KILLER on the Dyns in your room.

Kind of interesting on some of the songs that are common between these CDs how they change the time signature between 4/4 or 3/4 or 5/8.


Hadouk Now



Hi Robert,

Glad to see Hadouk Trio are beginning to get the attention they deserve. Imho, Didier Malherbe is an unforgivably neglected genius.

Don't think someone already mentioned their homepage that is quite informative:


I also recommend their live cd (+dvd) Baldamore. Incredible energy. Btw, apart from its artistic value, this is a recording that the French magazine Haute Fidélité uses regularly when testing gear; didn't surprise me.

Keep digging up more of these jewels!

I just ordered FiP from Amazon. Unfortunately, it's not in stock, so who knows when I'll get it.... but it will be a nice surprise when it finally arrives.