Hadcock GH228 and Shelter 501 - do they mate well?

Does anyone know the effective mass of a Hadcock GH228? There's no mention of this measurement in the user manual.

A better question is whether a Shelter 501 will mate well with it. The Shelter has a compliance of 9. Has anyone heard this combo and care to comment?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
Ask the importer of the Hadcock, Bill Feil, he is a frequent poster here, user name audiofeil. He will give you the straight scoop.
Thanks Marty. Bill emailed me privately and said he didn't think it was a good match. I found the effective mass for the GH228 in an old forum. It's 9.1 grams. It's a shame the manufacturer doesn't provide this info.

Doing the math, the resonance with a Shelter 501 would put it in the neighborhood of 12.5 Hz. Not a terrible figure, but I'll take Bill's advice and look for something else. He mentioned Ortofon and Dynavector as good matches. I've also read rave reviews about the Cartridge Man Music Maker mounted on a Hadcock. I'll have to keep my eye out for a used one.
I heard a Music Maker and it was a fabulous cartridge. Since you are now in contact with Bill, why not ask if he has a low mileage demo, he is also the Music Maker importer. Guy gets around. It hasn't helped his bedside manor though, LOL.
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