Hadcock 228 vs. Nima vs. Kuzma Stogi S for Linn

I have a 25 year old Linn LP12 with the original Basik LV-X arm and would like to upgrade the arm. I'm considering the Hadcock 228, Roksan Nima, Kuzma Stogi S, and Origin Live Silver but have heard none of these. Which might provide the best results with a Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood cartridge? Any advice?
They're all nice arms and would work on the Linn (I think the Hadcock would be the most difficult to get right, and the OL Silver the poorest match from an effective mass standpoint), but why not an Ekos, or even a used Ittok? Either would be a synergistic match and clear upgrade from the Basik. When I owned my Linn I used the Ittok LVIII with the Clearaudio Virtuoso (non-wood) to great effect.

I agree with Palasr above. You really have to be careful with arms on a suspended table. I don't know the weight of these arms, but you must be aware of the weight since it effects the springs. I remember many years ago I had a Sota and decided to mount a Helius Orion tonearm on it. The arm was so heavy that the Sota couldn't properly be adjusted. Personally, I would use a Linn arm on a Linn turntable. You will then be assured of a proper match in that regard.
The Kuzma Stogi was DESIGNED --ON-- A LINN LP12.

To say they mate well, would be an understatement! Think about that for a few seconds. It would be difficult to find a better match for the table. Only an Ekos on a LP12 compares. Grab one if you can. Otherwise it's the Ekos, for at least twice as much $$! And some say the Kuzma/LP12 combo is better than the LP12/Ekos. Beat that.

This means the 'pivot to point distance' of the standard Linn arm is darned near perfect, it's off by maybe 1mm, and the mount is exactly the same. Use the standard Linn armboard!

The one issue, is that you will have to tape small block of some sort on the front edge of the table, to prop the LP12 lid up by about 3/4", as the bearing block is bigger than the Linn can handle.(with regards to closing the lid perfectly).

I've been using the Stogi on an LP12 since the Stogi was introduced. I'm on my third now..for some reason. Each time I sell it..I get one again!

I'm talking about the Stogi, not the Stogi 'S'. So you might want to consider the standard Stogi.