Had anybody tried this


After reading the above articles, I found inexpensive bells in Ebay similar to Audio Magic room correction bells



That cost me 70$ for 30 bells including Blu Tack .

I expect to get it later this week or early next week.

I will have fun to play with this.

It is half the cost of 150$ SR blue fuse.

I do not expect to get wider soundstage( it is already wide enough beyond my speaker before trying this out).

But I am curious whether it can have effect similar to Audio Magic room correction bells, that is,

increased midrange body with little or no flattening of the soundstage (quoted in 6moons review).

I will let you know when I finish this chaepskate game.
Everybody and his brother (and sister) has been knocking off the original Franck Tchang tiny little bowls (has it really been 15 years? OMG!), bells, whatever, including your humble narrarator, Synergistic Research, Ziplex or whatever their name is and every avid Hyper cost-conscious DIYer that figures out he doesn’t really have to fork over three thousand clams to see if these tiny little bells do anything. One hint: the dimension of the tiny little bowl resonators not only corresponds to an acoustic wave length but also to an electromagnetic wave length. Hel-loo!

Thanks a lot for useful information.

It will be fun project for 70 bucks.

I will report it after trying several options.
FES - Flat Earth Science. As effective as painting your room's walls a different color!

Where did you get the idea to use these copper parts as a substitute, and how will you install them. Sideways on the wall with blutac?At what level on the wall? 
FES - Flat Earth Science. As effective as painting your room’s walls a different color!

>>>>I’ll go out on a limb and guess that’s two things you’ve never tried. The color blue for walls and the color green for the ceiling are best. Ironic, isn’t it? You know, what with blue skies and green fields of grass. Blue skies, headin’ my way....
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I am listening in third floor attic with no side wall(open).

At this moment  I am enjoying sweet voice of Elvis.  "Love me tender"

I will try to place it on back side of speakers or opposite side from using 8 to all 30 bells.

I will report my finding probably next week.
It is a good idea to fork over less money for a useless and utterly ridiculous tweak. It just makes sense.
I got delivery of 30 bells this morning.

I had put on 10 bells  behind the speakers.

It seems to give some sparkle.

I will listen for a day and then I will try 10 more on the opposite side.

Any tweaks can be dependent on system and personal taste.

If you are curios, you have to try yourself to find out.
Just to mention that there are actually rules for how to place the bells for max benefit. Placing bells silly nilly can actually hurt the sound just like placing tube traps or any other acoustic device silly nilly can hurt the sound. Upper corners and first reflection points are good places to start. One bell at a time then listen. Otherwise it’s like trying to solve ten simultaneous equations in twenty unknowns.

Your statement make sense but I am lazy and let me see my 1 day’s impression.

Later I can try to remove one by one to observe the difference.
I am playing Elvis Presley.

Somehow I got the impression that his voice come out more clearly.

It could be due to resonance out of bells.

Some tolerable sibilance which also depends on personal taste.

Any tweaks can be dependent on system and personal taste.

If you are curios, you have to try yourself to find out. since it cost less than 20 bucks for 10 bells plus shipping.

I ordered 30 not to pay shipping( over 50$ free) and I got it in 3 days after order.

This is a cheapskate experiment that more people can afford.

So far even soundstage appears to get wider and deeper with more dynamics.

The only bothering thing is sibilance out it, I will try to find way to control it.

Any tweak can be dependent on system and personal taste.

Thus it may not work in your system.

But you can waste just 25 bucks or so.

Many people can afford it.
Good News!

After placing 5 Perfect Path Technology E-cards near power cords,

the sibilance subdued substantially.

This could be the way to combine the better focus by bell with natural sound by E-card.

The only problem is that E-card is much more expensive(300$) than bells.



I will experiment it further.
I had reduced no of bells from 10  to 7 by taking out upper ones.

Now it has just good enough sparkle.

Eva Cassidy' "Field of Gold" sound fresh and marvelous.
You will know when you’re going in the right direction when bass performance improves.
With more bells, bass got more dynamic, but with it more sibilance too.

Now I realize that my system got tamed too much without edge.

With 7 bells, I am getting just enough sparkle and freshness out of my speakers.
Without a plan it’s like trying to solve ten simultaneous equations in twenty unknowns. The bells can hurt the sound in most locations. The trick is find the right locations. Three bells in the right locations produces better results than twenty bells placed arbitrarily. 

As you mention, there are too many variables, but it is not that easy to change placement behind the speakers with lot of cables.

It will take time and I will keep doing experiment few more days and report the progress.

@To everybody who like tweaks.

If you like lively sound with more sparkle, then you shall try this yourself.

It cost around 25 bucks for 10 bells and blue tack.

That is not much money for tweak.

There are lot of variables like positioning bell in the right direction.
My last comment is that there are a great many locations around the room, not just behind the speakers, where acoustic resonators are effective. The opposite wall, side walls and upper corners are the best locations. However, I kind of hate to say this, the *only reliable method* for determining locations for resonators like tiny bowls or bells is to use a test signal or two plus SPL meter to map out the entire 3D space of the room, finding points on the walls or wherever when the sound pressure is 6 dB or higher than the average sound pressure level in the room. All other methods will only get you part of the way or even make the sound worse than before. Especially when you put up a bunch at one time. Even the listen a little, move a little technique cannot compete with the SPL meter and will only find what we call a local maximum, at best.

After replacing Amperx 6sn7(Bugle Boy) with Bad Boy , the sibilance is almost gone.

I placed more bells behind the speaker close to the floor.
Wow bass got tighter and more tuneful.

I am listening to "The Wall" by Pink Floyd.

It sounds terrific.

You shall try this yourself at 25 bucks for 10 bells from E-bay, using Blutack