Had anybody listened to JTR speakers?

Two 15 inch driver with horn at 95db/W


This one could be killer rock speaker.


Had anybody listened to their speakers?

I am just curios

It is one tenth price of JBL DD6700 with similar spec.

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Yes.  Fun listen for sure.  

I found one Youtube video.

Shall I set this up as second HTS system?

Interesting but you definitely need to hear them before buying as I didn’t see anything on their website about an in home audition. If you do get a chance to listen to a pair please post your impressions.
I have been wanting to hear them for 3 years. They look like a better version of the speakers I use every day. Not cheap, but there is a lot of material value. I don't thinkthe y  are just a rock speaker. I'll bet that they're good for everything.
@lwin @roxy54

It is hard to get a chance to audition it unless you know someone who has it.

They were in Axpona 2017.


I am going through its thread.


People tend to use it for HTS setup rather than 2 channel.

It is made  using good part like Solen cap.

Some DIY people comment that it cost more money to build it yourself.

I have them along with their sealed sub for home theater duty.  I would never use them for a dedicated 2 channel rig.

Could you explain why you will not use it for 2 channel system?
none of their speakers sound refined, in the audiophile sense.  They can handle some serious power and go loud.  But again, not something I would use connected to $30K worth of electronics... or 10 for that matter

Thanks a lot for your valuable opinion.

I may  consider it with HTS in mind.

It will be nice if I can listen to it myself.