Had an epiphany, what would happen when all of you die?

This is not about analog directly or even music, I don't think there is another place in this planet with adepts like most of you are here in audiogon, what will happen when you all die? Raul, MC, Mijo, Lew, Erik, Atmasphere, (myself), even the one that shall not be named, even GK (how ya doing cupcake).
Will someone carry the torch? Would anyone care?Kind of sad to say see an age in audio technology (not only analog) pass by, really this post doesn't even make any sense, apologies in advance.

With all the craziness, and criticism,
If I would be alive 100 years from now I'll still miss audiogon and your contributions.
Thank you all for all the craziness
I drove #2 son to school last fall
on our way he had arranged a meet with some guy
bought himself a starter system
Carver m200t x2
Carver Tx11 tuner, Carver C2 pre
nice stack
then added some JBL Studio 570
he streams Spotify on a Schiit Modi 3
either crazier than I am or
yes there is hope for the future

music will never die

When I was in my Teens everybody I spoke to had an Opinion on a HiFi Separates vs a Compact System and CD vs Vinyl was always fought over.

20 Years on and One in a Hundred were like minded enthusiasts,
Convenience and Out of Site One Box Players were the common Systems in use.

Today very rarely do I meet a like minded enthusiast during the daily grind.
Vinyl is a commodity and I have met the odd collector with a recently taken up interest.
I will only usually be approached as my Hobby is of intrigue to some
(very few indeed ) .

Forums are the ’same old’ ’same old’ Names and Discussions reinvented
I am sure the Participation in most Forums has dwindled since their inceptions from the early 2000’s
( I appreciate the Banter as it is a Participation I have pursued for over 30 Years, Enthusiasts, Engineers, Nutty Professors are all engaged with)

Green Energy and Sustainable Consumption is the New Future and
this use of energy will rush in and many of the the old ways will be vilified.

Many of the Muscle Car HiFi Systems in use today, will not be so freely spoken off, if Known to Exist after the Amnesty Period to give them up,
there will be healthy rewards to those who inform on illegal usage.
Forums as known today will be at a end, and will be with their own Dark Net Sites.
Where the Classifieds Ads are settled in Crypto Currencies.

I am looking into a very small footprint System with very low energy consumption as a future proof system at present, hopefully it can run on its own solar cell.
This system is intended for my later years if I get there, and to promote the Eco Values it offers.
It will take a lot of clever concealment and evangelism to disguise my true love and put a Smoke Screen in front of my yearning for the Power Hungry HiFi Separates that will be stored in a very secretive manner.

A lot of Planning is required and Supporting Infrastructure to be put in
place, along with the Study of a Mastering a False Persona.
All are required for when the not too distant future Dystopian Times arrive for those who are not willing to depart from their use of Muscle HiFi.
A time when Traditionalists will have a Clandestine Habit, where the Curtains are needed to be drawn and the Neighbours are on Holiday, before the 845 Monoblocks and Stacked Quads are brought out of their underground storage bunker,
to satisfy a Halcyon Days Guilty Pleasure.
What'll happen when we all die?  A pretty substantial, weighty landfill.
In reality the only actual people here are you, me, mahgister, oldhvymec and a half a dozen others. All the rest are bots.
@millercarbon Well at least we have here MC some variety of bots, "angry bots", "cheerful bots", we even have "philosophical disputing bots". I think I must be in the "depressing bot" category. Question, are bots allowed to post? or just reply? :)

This post really hit home
@klwms I am sorry for your loss. This was a silly post of mine

Interesting thread here.
@jwillox Really?

Yes, if you look to the past, you will see that we are all doing that right now
@ecscott482 I don’t know about that, kind of my point, all the "professionals" here in audiogon forums, manufacturers and non manufacturers, they have deep knowledge of audio, electronics, mechanics .... granted some of them they go a little to far in what affects audio and what not, but on average there is pretty knowledgeable people here, I was born in the transistor era, but I had access to tubes in my younger years, also to vinyl, started listening to stuff which mom and dad had, they did not even listened to it (they were busy working for our family among other things) but I was curious and I was left alone at home when I was 6 or 7 and I operated my parents simplified turntable and listened to tracks from Joan Manuel Serrat, Johnny Horton (The Battle of New Orleans, I still can hear that specific tune now in my head as I did when I was 7, 43 years after), Johnny Cash (so many John’s), Nat King Cole and I was fascinated by the music and the system itself, then when I was 10 I was visiting my neighbor and he played me Deep Purple’s "Black Night" and "Speed King" and my fate was sealed with rock and roll, unpacked my dads RTR (also German like the Turntable) and started recording from pirated cassettes to tape (this was back then in communist Cuba so everything was pirated) and rock and roll was banished and prohibited. Another good friend neighbor his dad was a fan of the Beatles and he also had a RTR and we used to go to this house and listen to tracks there. Music was always a part of my life, in my most uncertain moments when I had nothing and the future was open with no prospects just open, music always comforted me and gave me hope on life (kind of stupid if you think about it, what hope can music realistically offer? it won’t pay for the bills, in fact most likely will be another bill ha), then after busy working for a family and at 45 I rediscovered tubes and high end systems and I am still fascinated as I was when I was 6, not only by audio and music but the technology that allows us to experienced it and although this technology has evolved and got perfected with digital, dacs, high processing computers, class D and such I am still in awe of how the older technology still competes and it even betters some of the tech that came after. I of course believe WW2 and the Cold War has a lot to do with all those advancements in technology.
So I look at the past like you were saying and I look at the millennials now and I don’t think they will put the same effort, even learning the intrinsic on how to adjust a TT, speaker toe in, room response, crossover points, and everything that makes our hobby perfect. All the knowledge (and craziness along) and typing hours placed here in these forums by all of you, will someone care?
Let me give a quick example, Technics they will ship you their newest TT, their instructions are very general and mostly will make it work but not to the perfection and the standards provided in here. You go to Youtube to see how to adjust a Turntable, 95% of what you find is general as well. If you want specifics you have to come to Audiogon (maybe 2 or 3 other sites Steve Hoffman, audioasylum and such)

As long as that is happening, there will be a desire to reach new levels of listening pleasure
@pgaulke60 hope you are right. I know Music will live on, the desire to experience it on new levels is what I kind of question.

Why all of you and not all of us?
@petg60 good question, glad you noticed. I don’t consider myself at the level of proficiency and detail some others are here on Audiogon that’s why I think I excluded myself on that statement and I was referring to the ones that are actually the "soul" of Audiogon, the ones I mentioned before (in no particular order)

Do you know something i don’t?
I don’t know, do you? very cryptic, please provide more details, this bot cannot compute .... beep beep, shutting down now.