Had an epiphany, what would happen when all of you die?

This is not about analog directly or even music, I don't think there is another place in this planet with adepts like most of you are here in audiogon, what will happen when you all die? Raul, MC, Mijo, Lew, Erik, Atmasphere, (myself), even the one that shall not be named, even GK (how ya doing cupcake).
Will someone carry the torch? Would anyone care?Kind of sad to say see an age in audio technology (not only analog) pass by, really this post doesn't even make any sense, apologies in advance.

With all the craziness, and criticism,
If I would be alive 100 years from now I'll still miss audiogon and your contributions.
Thank you all for all the craziness
All my crap will either be given away, thrown away, or sold at a yard sale...🥺...no one else cares about this stuff but me. Trying to get my daughter interested in the hobby. She seems receptive and received her first turntable for Christmas last year. In addition,, She gets all my hand me downs. She will have an enormous lp collection should I no longer be around!
@luisma31, Don't worry about it Luis. Music is a primitive instinct. It will not go away ever. It may evolve but that is it. Will records be around 100 years from now? Stranger things have happened, maybe not, who knows. But, music will soldier on. Of that I am certain. My stuff is going first to my wife then my kids. What happens to it is up to them.
If ever there was a guy who would be impossible to replace, it would be Al.  He is gone, and AG lives on.  Others who had real ability to contribute have moved on.  AG has gone on without them, too.  Sadly, in my opinion, AG has lost a bit of its soul in the process.

Your list has ignored some guys who really have deep knowledge and a helpful spirit.  I'd take advice from guys like Schubert, Frogman, and Charles1dad in a heartbeat over some of the names on your list.

Unfortunately, in the year 2071 the statues you had erected to the Audiogon Hall of Fame were torn down by an angry anti audiophile mob.
Music won’t go away. Ways to enjoy it will be different. Maybe the connoisseurs will have different obsessions. Tubes will rule after a nuclear apocalypse.