Hacking a Luxman Integrated

One cool and often under appreciated feature in Luxman integrateds is the "Separate" button. It disconnects the preamp from the amplifier, allowing for a number of approaches. Actually this is two features. One is the always active preamp output available on the back.

The second is the ability to feed the amp directly, bypassing everything in the preamp. Useful features:
  • Add room correction/EQ/active crossover in the middle.
  • Passively bi-amp (without using separate)
  • Feed a subwoofer (without using separate)
  • Use amp for home theater
  • Use ~ 0.047uF cap to add a high pass to your Luxman, letting you feed a sub for everything below 80 Hz.
  • Use ~ 1uF or higher to add some flavor to the sound. 
It has me thinking about using it with my sub for 2 channel again. :)


I was using the pre out from my 509X to feed an SVS SB-16 Ultra, while running my La Scala IIs full-range from the 509X. Using the SVS app I was able to set the crossover and slope pretty well dead-on so the blend was perfect with the bass-shy LSIIs. 

I don't listen to a lot of bass-heavy music, but it definitely added a little presence on things like kick drums, double bass, etc that really filled in the sound where the LSIIs are lacking.

I'm currently running an AVM 60 for home theater into the Main In and running my subs/LFE out of that amp's sub pre out. I am using Anthem Room Correction to EQ the subs, and by using the 2nd output of my DAC into the Anthem, I'm able to listen to full, unadulterated 2 channel audio from the 509X out of the LS IIs, while the EQ'd bass is now coming from the Anthem. 

When it comes time to watch movies I hit the "Separate" button and get the full room-corrected L/R mix from the Anthem into the 509X. 

Prior to this, I had a vintage Luxman CL40 preamp I was running into the Main In, and would use the "Separate" function to listen to the tube pre going into the 509's amps. Sounded amazing but in order to use the full system for home theater, I moved the preamp back into my vintage system. 

VERY useful function!
I use mine to drive Vandersteen 5A speakers, and have the low pass filters attached, without this feature I could not use this integrated.  Its great, by the way.  And so are the loudspeakers.  

``Use amp for home theater``

Do you mean, it is possible to connect a HT Processor to this integrated Amp, and not using his ( Luxman )  preamp, section ?
Only use the HT Processor with the amplifier of the Luxman  .

And then use the ``Separate `` button , and being able to use the complete Luxman integrated  for high quality two channels audio playback.

A Home Theater bypass.
Hey maxwave :
I didn't call it that because the Luxman behaves a little differently than the traditional  HT bypass features, but yes, you can achieve the same results.
Interesting post erik, thanks...:-)
Thanks erik

the two integrated amps that I know with such a feature are the 
McIntosh MA 9000  and the Gryphon Diablo 300.
And I am heading this way.
I will take a look at the Luxman
I'm definitely thinking of getting either an Anthem processor or Anthem receiver. The latter are cheaper, and have at least 5 channels of amps, letting me drive my C and Surround speakers without additional amps.
Interesting! Thanks @erik_squires  !

I have the Luxman L-509x.

So, the "separate" function would be used if I would want to drive the Amp function of my Luxman via the preamp section of my DAC? Then, would I need to connect my sub to my DAC RCAs out in this case?

Hey buddy! When I was driving my Luxman CL40 pre into the 509X amp's section I ran the SB-16 from the pre out of the 509X and did all the crossover settings in the SVS app. 

Now that I'm using it for HT in "Separate" mode, I'm using the sub out from the Anthem AVM 60. In this situation when I am listening to 2 channel audio I'm running dual outs from my DAC into the 509X for the full-range L and Rs and into the Anthem - I have an input set up on the Anthem for 2 channel listening that only uses analog inputs and L/R sub. So you're hearing the ARC corrected/crossed over bass from the SB16, and your 2 channel music is being played through the 509X pre and amp (unadulterated pure, full range analog from the DAC).