H2O S250 vs CIA D-200 vs PS Audio GCA-500

I am wondering if anyone out there has compared any of these amps? The H2O and the CIA digital amps seem to be the cream of the crop of digital amps. Anyone hear the new PS Audio units?

I am looking to power difficult to drive speakers and am really intrigued with the H2O.......people say it has amazing slam and transparency, some say it beats the big boy Pass amps?
I have compared these amps online and have come to some startling conclusions. Specifically, it is clear that one is superior to all the others, and that one is the one I own, though I have not heard the others. Still, I am resolute that the best is the one I own, and the others, while finely reviewed by others, does not achieve the same: slam, timber, air, authority, mid-range truth, sound-staging, presence, nuance, verve, or insegreviousness.

Write to Henry Ho, and ask if you can try his amp. Be sure to ask for a Signature model. Hearing is believing.

That is probably an accurate, and well stated, assessment. Couldn't have said it better myself.

Can I interest you in auditioning some of ours?

Sorry.....I could help getting a cheap commercial plug in. I'm trying not to laugh too hard while I am typing........
I have not heard the other amps but I can say that the H2O s-250 signature is very good. I am using them on my Scintillas and am very happy. You should be able to audition the amps in question with your own ears. That is the only criteria that really matters! Good luck in your journey. Bob
Mprime. Is that an optical illusion or do you listen that close to your speakers - any closer they would be headphones.
Hello Mprime. I would be very interested to know which one you found the best between the H2O S250, CIA D-200, PS Audio GCA-500. Thank you for your answer.