H2 or Ace for VPI Scout???

i am in a pickle. i have a new scout and am now searching for a cartridge for it. the local shop swears by the benz h2, but suggest the ace is a good, less expensive alternative. the h2 is double the price of the benz. is it really that much better?

by the way, i'm using modern mcintosh gear and upgraded from a 70s linn lp12.
Haven't heard the H2 but I had the ACE H for a bit on my Scout. Very refined sounding cart for the money. Good with surface noise and tracked superbly with no inner groove distortion. Midband was a bit sterile though. I sold it and kept a standard DL-103 on it.

The ACE beat the 103 in every other category, but the midrange was sooo good on the denon, it was the choice for me.
I had a Benz L2 on my Scout and enjoyed the sound. I just changed cartridges to the Lyra Dorian. In comparison to the L2 the Dorian is better in my system. It has a better high end in particular. The midrange is not a lush but is more accurate and ultimately more fulfilling. Does a good job of quieting surface noise as well.
Good Luck,