H/T suggestions for 2 channel?

I have a 2 channel system using the scd-xa5400es, monitor audio rx-8s and the odyssey cyclops amp. My h/t setup is currently running a 10 year old yamaha receiver, polk towers and sub. I'm most likely going to consolidate and that means using the 2 channel set up for everything.

My issue is this- the cyclops only has one analog input and i love the way it sounds. Do i opt for an oppo 105 and sell the 5400 or can i add a h/t processor to add inputs? Can an h/t processor decode dts and output via analog?
Yes, there are multichannel preamp-processors with analog outputs and there are, also, AVRs with similar outputs. All will decode modern formats.
Why don't you call Klaus at Odyssey and ask if he can add another input or two to the Cyclops? I bet it can be done for very little cash outlay.
Thanks guys. Calling Klaus is definitely going to happen; can't believe I didn't think of that!