H.T. Processor witch is better in sound...

Anthem avm 50v or Cary cinema 12 in 7.1 Home theater
Classe SSP-600 or SSP-800 in analog bypass (XLR) should also be considered.
Between Anthem avm 50v and cary cinema 12 wich would be the best of the 2 for sound in Home Theator...
I've heard only the Anthem AVM50v and predecessor units and was extremely impressed with their pre-processing and post-processing (of Dolby Digital and DTS HT formats) and overall sound quality, impact and dynamics for home theater. I have not ever heard the Cary units so I cannot give you an opinion of which is better. What is your budget? Do you care about 2-channel audio performance or only multi-channel home theater?
I am looking to replace my hold processor this year.My set up is Bryston amps, Paradigm studio 100 V5, cc-690 V5, ADP-590 and Paradigm signature 25 sub, oppo bdp 103D...The Athem D2V and Bryston SP3 is way out of my range in price so I wase looking at Athem avm 50V and on some site they say that Cary cinema 12 is comparable to 10000.00$ pre/pro.
I naver heard of Classe-600 processor.I will not buy new because of my budget.I I will buy on audiogon or canuck audio in Canada wher i'm frome. The sound qualaty is number 1 for me. And I do care about 2 channel audio, 60% Home Theator and 40% 2 channel music.

Thank for looking and let me know what you think
Classe is a Canadian company and the SSP-600 is their previous product that I've personally owned. I chose the SSP-600 over the Anthem, Levinson and other processors I auditioned in 2006-2007 based upon HT performance and 2-channel bypass sound. You may want to consider it. There is an SSP-600 and SSP-800 from Classe on Agon right now from other users.......The Anthem is a fine unit; you will not be disappointed.
OP does not provide enough information. If the choice is just between the two processors and acoustic room correction is wanted, then It's probably the Anthem, because ARC was a major bug in the Cary 11a and likely to be in the 12 -- the Cary 11a manual recommends a tape measure and SPL meter. If OP's sources are discs, computer, and cable/satellite, then Oppo 105 analog direct to amps might be a better choice than either processor, because it can do lossless codecs, speaker configuration, bass management, volume control, and so forth. It doesn't take analog input, e.g., from a from a phone stage, but it can switch among digital sources.

I will do more research on SSP-600 and 800.I will be changing some time this year.
Cary does not use ARC (all caps) which is an Anthem trademark. It does have some proprietary room correction about which there is little enthusiasm.

In that price range, you might also look at the Krell Foundation.
Krell Foundation have lots of option and 10 HDMI input and 2 outputs. What I've been reading about it,you almost need the dealer for set up it is complicated and there no dealer around etc...So the battle would be with Anthem that got a lot of bell and whistle and Classe SSP that got the best sound on the reviews.I will do some searching during the year.

If anyone have more info about HT Processor it would be appriciate.
If you can live without HDMI switching, Lexicon MC12 can be had pretty cheap these days. Will sound much better than Krell IMO. I have used few processors in the last many years. My top ones are Proceed, lexicon MC12, EAD signature. Krell sounds very cod!!

Are you sure Anthem has a trademark on ARC? As in Atlantic Richfield Corp as well as acoustic room correction that seems unlikely. Perhaps I haven't noticed the tm declaration next to ARC when used by Anthem. I innocently used ARC as an abbreviation for acoustic room correction, and had not intended to trespass on a trademark if such exists.

I had the impression that acoustic room correction was a feature of the chip Cary used rather than Cary's proprietary technology. Shortly after the 11a hit the market, the AVS owner's thread was filled with complaints about bogus readings from the technology. I bought my 11a at great discount after the bugs were known.

I checked the Anthem web site and failed to see a trademark symbol in connection with the description of Anthem Room Correction (ARC).

Dbphd: Are you sure Anthem has a trademark on ARC?

No, I was sort of kidding as ARC is used to mean many things including Anthem Room Correction, Audio Rate Control, Audio Return Channel, Automatic Room Correction, Atlantic Richfield Company and many others. However, in your post, it would not be possible to know what you meant because either Automatic Room Correction or Anthem Room Correction would be equally in context.

Girish listed only older/discontinued processors and says he has used few processors in the last many years. However, in recent years, there has been a flowering of new ones and, although he thinks that "Krell sounds very cod!," there's nothing fishy about the newest one.
I never did a side-by-side comparison of the sound of the Proceed PAV/PDSD pair with the Cary Cinema 11a that replaced them, but I suspect the Proceed might be the winner by a small margin. The PAV/PDSD is in the living room now; the 11a is sitting on its carton waiting a decision about listing it on Audiogon. I'm using a combination of analog preamp for stereo and direct to amps from an Oppo 105 for surround and SW.
I meant cold or some may call it "bright" for Krell not "cod"!I gave up upgarding processors long time ago since I don't care about video switching.
Yes, I know but I could not resist the pun. I will not comment any further on the sound of the new Krell since I will be reviewing it shortly but video switching is, I agree, not that important for music listeners. However, there are other audio-related enhancements that have come along more recently than the demise of Proceed or EAD.