H/T integration-AGAIN

I've read most of the posts I could find here on Agon but still have some questions about using my CJ PF-R along with an Adcom GTP-760 for movies. I even called CJ and the rep. (Knut) was a little confused himself. It has been my understanding that I should take the outputs from the processor which handle the front main speakers and run those into my 2 channel pre. The CJ has a couple of inputs named EPL-1 and EPL-2(external processor loop) each of these has a corresponding output. All of the CJ's inputs are line level inputs; if I run the front main outputs of the processor (which are meant to be run to an amp) to the CJ's line level inputs, won't that be a signal which is greater than the voltage that should be run into a preamp? When I first got the CJ pre I hooked it up this way and it worked, although the volume setting of the CJ had to be turned up at least twice as high as it had been for music.
After a while my amp started shutting down(protection mode kicking in). The would briefly shut down, then come back on, then shut down etc... I sent the preamp to Conrad Johnson and they had difficulty in finding anything wrong with it. They eventually notified me that it was repaired and they returned it without telling me what they found wrong. The person whom I bought the unit from picked up the bill($117.00) for the repairs as he sold it with a 90 day warranty. In addition to the integration questions I still have, I am now wondering if I had caused the problem by hooking it up wrong. In which case the seller shouldn't be responsilbe and I owe him the repair costs.

SO: 1) How do I integrate the two units? (if at all)
2) Do I owe the seller a refund?



Your description sounds correct, but I will describe the correct connection anyway.

From Processor (Adcom) front L&R preouts should be conncected to the pre-amp (cj) processor loop L&R inputs(on my Plinius it is marked "return"). So, when using HT, you should not even touch the volume control on the cj, because it is a unity gain bypass. There should be a switch to select the chosen processor loop. Select that position and the pre-amp basically switches to connect your processor directly to the outputs on the cj (directly to the main amplifier). All control funtions of the cj should be bypassed and all control of the main amps output is now in the processor.

I hope this helps. BTW, if one doesn't work, you could try the other EPL loop on the pre-amp.


1). why would you want to integrate this equipment. use the cj for music and adcom for ht. besides; if you are really blowing things away in ht...there is a chance you will clip your amps. something i would not want to do into expensive music speakers.

2). i have bought and sold a 15 pieces of gear on audiogon. i always back them too. i would have to call cj and find out what happened. if it was your fault (ht thing) i would send the money back. if not...you bought it from a good person.