H/K - Rabco ST-8

Had one if these in mid 80s until about 2003. Tbh it sat after about 1990 unusec eventually banished to a damp basement. I did a quick refurb and sold it on eBay for $399 or so with a mid level, old Grado cartridge. I will never go back to vinyl (sound was fine but DO high maintenance and tonearm balancing, fragility, wtc. I was DO glad to switch to CDs and now streaming. 

However that black ST-8 was just about the most beautiful, coolest, piece of industrial design I have ever seen to this day. Even those recessed lights were one-of-a-kind. But was it any good? How would it sound now, all refurbed with a good cartridge? Why didn't linear tracking persist?

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It was fiddly as hell but it blew away everything I heard at the price point at the time and again, just gorgeous.   
Right. Going back to LPs and TTs baflles me too. Was SUCH A PIA. 
But, gang, what about the sound? Why did they go the way of the do-do? Why are Technics heavy tonearms still being used? 
Why were they more expensive to make? The tracking guide assembly across the TT? And perhaps the light tonearms? No one makes one any more?